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Daniel Dermer was “raised on” New York City real estate. His family owned properties in Manhattan for decades and employed some of the city's largest and well-known management firms. As real estate owners, they expected certain basic services - controlled expenses, reasonable profits, maintenance of the property and a genuine concern for the residents. Unfortunately, the experience was that the large “factory” management firms proved to be little more than overpaid "rent collectors” that delivered poor results.

After Dan’s own personal experience, he established Dermer Management in 1992 with a goal to create something different. Dermer specializes in the management of residential properties, with a particular focus on mid-sized buildings. These properties require the following: a manager that understands the day-to-day individual issues unique to your property, controlled expenses, supervised maintenance of the property, and a genuine concern for the residents.

We specialize in the management of multi-family and mixed-use residential buildings, co-op and condo communities. Our portfolio consists of more than 30 properties throughout New York City.  Our buildings range in size from smaller condos / co ops to the largest residential building on Park Avenue., 900 Park Avenue.

Dermer Management did not grow into a factory and lose the personal touch.  As the business grew, the company hired Adam Berenson to continue the high level of service that had been provided to all of the Dermer clients over the years. Adam is dedicated to the company’s vision in making sure our clients will be with us for many years to come.

Examples of some of our long-term clients:

  • 900 Park Avenue, Managed Since 1996
  • 38 East 85th Street, Managed Since 2012
  • 66 Crosby Street, Managed Since 1999
  • 476 Broadway, Managed Since 2006
  • The Pencil Factory Condominium, Managed Since 2012
  • 325 East 77th Street, Managed Since 1994
  • 345 East 77th Street, Managed Since 2000
  • 66 Grand Street, Managed Since 2011

These clients are just a few of the examples of the long-term relationships that we have created over the years. We will be happy to put you in touch with any of the Board Members so you can hear directly from them.

We possess the latest technology to make sure your property is running in the most efficient way.

Our hands-on approach includes implementing an aggressive transition phase making sure that all of the positives stay and the negatives go.

Please feel free to fill out the Request a Proposal form under the Property Management tab so you can learn more about how Dermer Management can benefit your property.