Why Dermer Management?

Dermer Management prides itself on the long-term relationships with our clients

Dermer Management has a proven track record of successfully managing our accounts.  Most importantly, we have shown that we were not in it for the short term but created long term relationships with each of our clients, some that have now been as long as 28 years.

Our management starts with an aggressive transition phase where we address each item at your building, without you ever needing to ask for it to be done. We address each item at your property proactively and to make sure all of the positives stay but the negatives go.  We provide you all of the necessary information throughout the transition phase and you make the decisions on the changes that will be made.

Below are some examples of how we continually improve communities and increase home values:

900 Park Avenue, by the end of our first meeting with the Board of Managers, we saved approximately $55,000 in operating expenses by simply re-evaluating operating expenses and procedures.

Soho Plaza Corp. (514 Broadway/66 Crosby Street), we reduced operating and capital improvement expenses in excess of $60,000 within the first 60 days by scrutinizing operating contracts and capital improvement budgets.

591 Lexington Avenue/140 East 52nd Street, we increased commercial and residential rental income over 62 percent by negotiating long-term lease commitments and removing problem tenants.

140 Grand Street, we saved more than our annual management fee in our first meeting.

Your manager must be proactive every step of the way to achieve the results you deserve.

Mission Statement

Dermer Management provides personalized property management services using a proactive approach that builds a foundation for fiscal and structural health for your building.  We focus on creating an atmosphere of trust and honesty with the Board and a pleasant living experience for all of the residents.

simply put....we manage your building like it was our own!


At Dermer Management, we strive to be the premiere property management company serving New York City.  We are flexible in our approach, understanding that different neighborhoods, buildings and resident environments are unique and require different needs.

Our Real Estate Brokerage service, in conjunction with Douglass Elliman serves our customers with the same honesty, integrity and professionalism as our management service, along with the flexibility and personalized service required.

At Dermer Management, we are Inspired to Reach New Heights, everyday!


At Dermer Management, we adhere to a core set of values that guides us in what we do every day. These values have helped us achieve our goals and more importantly, our outstanding reputation in the industry. They are the foundation of what we believe makes us, and our business, successful.


Everyday we represent our properties as if they were are own homes or businesses.


It is about being PROACTIVE and not reactive.  We treat the residents the same way we would want to be treated and make them feel confident that we will do everything possible to assist them.


This is your home and possibly your business, and we understand that. We instill trust and confidence with our customers right from the start.


We take the approach to management that demands all of our employees be knowledgeable, organized, attentive to details, efficient and courteous to board members and residents alike.