All Sales & Rental Listings are handled by both Dermer Real Estate and Eugene Litvak from Compass.

Dan Dermer and Eugene Litvak from Compass created a partnership where you can hire both Dermer Real Estate and Compass as your broker.

Eugene and Dan have sold and leased multiple units at prices that provided substantial returns for unit owners in Dermer-run buildings. Especially in tight markets, one of the key factors that make buyers walk away is that they do not feel comfortable with the financial or operating status of a building.

Dan Dermer has managed your building for approximately 20 years, and enables buyers and their brokers to quickly become comfortable with what they are buying into. This is combined the marketing power of Eugene Litvak from Compass (being ranked among the top 20 brokers in NYC) to give you the best chance of success.

If you are considering selling or renting, please contact Dan Dermer directly at so we can discuss the services our partnership can provide you.

Thank you.