Transition Phase

It’s our goal to make your switch to Dermer Management as simple and smooth as possible. Through the years, our team has developed techniques and processes to transition all documents and protocols in a short period of time. Our team takes pride in helping boards and owners during this important step forward and our goal is to hit the ground running on day one.

We consider the first 120 days of our relationship to be the most important.  We are just getting to know each other, but at Dermer Management we are not sitting back waiting to react to the next challenge that comes up.  We start proactively going through your property without you ever requesting us to do so.

With all of our years of experience, we created and follow a comprehensive, transition check list that covers all of the items at your property.  This list included everything from the roof to the basement and all of the things in between like owner issues, outstanding violations, contract reviews, free estimates for services, basic evaluations of the physical structure of your building...and the list goes on and on.

We believe good management will want to address all of the items at your property proactively so all of the positives can stay and the negatives go.  We will never tell you that you must make changes.  Our role is to provide you the necessary information and the proper recommendation so you can make the correct decisions in the best interest of your property and owners.

The 5 Step Transition Process

1. Document checklist: The Property Manager and Comptroller will create a list, customized for your property, of all documents to be turned over which will be approved by the board and submitted to your prior property manager for preparation.

2. Due Diligence: Our Director of Property Management, Comptroller and Property Manager carefully review all documents and records and cover the following items in the process:

  • Confirming all corporate compliance, legal and operating safeguards are in place
  • Coordinating all changes with your current vendors, and consulting with potential vendors for future needs
  • Ensuring no lapses exist in insurance and other critical contracts
  • Securing all legal documents and operational agreements
  • Distributing initial communication materials to residents, including a welcome letter
  • Facilitating building employees’ transition to Dermer

3. Accounting and Record Keeping: Our Comptroller coordinates the transition of all funds from the prior property manager, opens bank accounts if applicable and sends a detailed report to the board treasurer and accountant.

4. Resident Notification: Dermer will mail to all residents a customized introduction letter introducing ourselves with all of our contact information. Included will be instructions on how owners and residents can sign up on our website and will include our protocol for all emergencies, maintenance and accounting calls. This intro letter will help the residents familiarize themselves with Dermer and help transition more efficiently.

5. Property Management Transition List: Our team will customize your transition list that will be reviewed with you as we start to work through all of the maintenance and other items.

Transition Timeline: Our team is ready, willing and able to make a transition as quickly as possible.  We believe it is in our best interest to transition and organize your property as soon as we can so the Board Members, Owners & Residents can enjoy the property and start to rely on our professional management team.

Here is just one quote from a recent happy customer:

"After researching management companies in New York City for our A.I.R. co-op at 140 Grand Street, and talking to as many board members in Soho as we could find for recommendations - we met with Dermer Management.  We hired them and have been happy with their work from the day they started to work with us.  Adam Berenson has taken us from a self-managed building to a well organized building with a plan for the future -- in just a few months.  We are a building full of artists and both Adam and Dan have been able to navigate the waters with a straightforward approach that is completely transparent and clearly in our best interest.  Their advice has been invaluable in terms of moving our building towards making decisions that are good for the entire coop in a gracious and civil way. We are saving money, making good decisions and able to access their wealth of knowledge regarding everything from city taxes to roof repairs."

"I would not want to be President of this co-op without having Adam by my side."

Carolyn Jones - Board President